Beers on Tap

Beer of the Month


Two Suns Premium Dry (Aus) $7
A new brew from the boys from Asahi. It uses the same yeast strain as used in the legendary Asahi Premium Dry. A easy drinking beer lager with a dry finish, the perfect beer when the weather warms up. 4.2% ABV

Guinness Irish Stout (Int) $9 pint
An Irish dry stout, one of the most successful beers worldwide. Made from roasted malted barley and roasted unsalted barley. Sweet smelling with a coffee and malt noise, a perfect balance of bitter and sweet with roasted malt characteristics. A full flavored beer with its iconic thick creamy. The Walsh Bay boys swear by it!! 4.2 % ABV

Pure Blonde (Aus) $7.8
One of the easiest drinking beers on tap any day any night. Light and refreshing with 80 percent less carbs than regular beer. 4.2% ABV

Victoria Bitter (Victoria) $7.5
VB is a crisp, easy to drink beer which, when chilled, is perfectly suited to any occasion.  It is a pleasant, easy to drink, bitter lager with a slight fruity aroma. 

Carlton Draught (Victoria) $7.5
This Traditional full strength larger, available nationally, is renowned for delivering "brewery fresh" taste. Carlton Draught provides a crisp mid-palete flavour which is balanced with a clean hop bitterness and a slightly dry finish.

4 Pines American Pale Ale (NSW) $8.4
American style Pale Ale with a bright ruby apperance. Hop driven aromas of citrus, pine and grapefruit overlay a mouthfeel of rounded malty flavours, setting up for tight and bitter finish. 5.1% ABV.

Reschs Draught (NSW) $7.5
What was old has become cool once again!! Re-born with a resurgence in the eastern suburbs by the hands of Mr James. A fruity, golden larger. Known for slogans such as "the Beer we drink around here" and "Resch's Refreshes". What was old is trendy again! 4.8% ABV

Young Henry's Newtowner (NSW) $7.5
The most famous beer from the YH boys which will go down as one of the great beers to come out of OZ. 3 varieties of local hops, gives this beer a hoppy yet fruity finish, this Australian pale ale is a great sessional beer.  Pete's go to beer!!

Great Northern Super Crisp Lager (QLD) $7
The beer we drink up here!! Super crisp, super fresh flavour. Brewed specifically for the Australian climate. Sydney’s favourite mid strength beer. 3.5% ABV.

Young Henrys Limited - Motorcycle Oil Hoppy Porter (NSW) $8
Its back after popular demand!! You know the beer so be quick!. Very very tasty! 7.5% ABV